Solutions To Stopping World Violence

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Genocide is a large and very disgusting problem in the world. Unfortunately, it is a very common problem, especially in the third world countries. There are many wars being fought in the countries. During these wars, a lot of horrible atrocities occur. The sad thing is a lot of innocent lives are claimed in the wake of the destruction that wars bring. What is even more sad is the fact that some powerful people use the situation to their own advantages. Genocide must be stopped and future occurrences of such an appalling incident must be prevented. There are some efforts being made to put a stop to this horror. However, there needs to be more effective measures taken in order to put a stop to genocide.

The best way to put an end to the genocide problem would be to study and research it. It is very important that we understand the genocide problem and make comparisons among the different cases of genocide. Through the studies, a useful theory will be developed about the process of genocide. The good news is that there are a lot of facilities that are studying the process of genocide worldwide. There are other steps that need to be taken after this.

There is the need for some facilities that will help with the prevention of genocide. Some of the aspects of dealing with genocide which would be effective are early warning, conflict transformation, rapid intervention and effective punishment. Early warnings are especially important. You will be able to stop the problem before it starts. Early warning programs will help people detect where a possible ethnic conflict is occurring and where there is a risk for genocide. When the information is received then proper action can be taken in order to prevent a genocide.

These problems often arise from the ethno-centric mentality that is common among people. People often develop an "us vs. them" mentality that will dehumanize another group based on certain factors that make them different. Any factor can be used. There is skin tone, hair color, eye color and even average height. Perhaps some kind of education that treats all groups and all cultures as equal could contribute to the solution of world violence. People must also learn alternative ways of solving problems and managing conflict without resorting to violence. The unfortunate thing is when conflict becomes violent, the innocent are the ones that suffer the most.

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Solutions To Stopping World Violence

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Solutions To Stopping World Violence

This article was published on 2011/12/20